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Unfortunately due to many circumstances outside of your control, sagging breasts are a fact of life. Sagging breasts can be a result of many issues, the most common are;

    Aging - generally for cup sizes larger than a c cup, as the body ages the skin and tissues looses its tautness and the breasts may start to sag.
    Pregnancy - During pregnancy the breasts swell up and become much more enlarged as the milk glands become active. After pregnancy and there is no breast feeding, the breasts return to normal size but the skin and tissue has been stretched and the cleavage is not as perky as it used to be.
    Breast feeding - If after pregnancy, breast feeding is carried out this continues to encourage the milk glands to developed and become more enlarged. Unfortunately as with pregnancy once breast feeding stops, the breast start to return to normal size, but the cleavage has lost its shape and firmness.
    Loss of weight - if you diet or loose weight, it is noticed in studies that the breasts also loose volume and as a result sagging breasts can be an issue.

Plastic Surgery

If you suffer from the above, you have a few options available; the most drastic is cosmetic breast augmentation (breast lift). Unfortunately this option is very expensive and has a lot of dangers associated with it (as do all surgical procedures).

The simplest and most effective option available at this moment in time is a bra. The bra is one of the most versatile items of clothing that can drastically change the look of your breasts instantly.

After many studies, the number one choice for sagging breasts is the push up bra, there are a couple of different options and designs available to purchase, all of which perform the same basic task but with different subtleties. They all lift the breasts i.e. stop the sagging, push up and together and with the padding's adds volume to the cleavage, eliminating the sagging breast and replacing it with a firm, full and perky looking cleavage.

The main types of push up bras and its variants are:

    The original Push up bra - adds lift.
    Padded push up bra - adds lift and volume, very firm look.
    Gel/Silicon or water push up bra - adds lift a lot of volume, very natural movement look to your cleavage.

For further information on all types of bras and many other options for breast enhancement check out Best 4 Breasts, Bra Enhancement guide.

R. Foley is a consultant with over ten years experience. He has set up Best Breasts to help and offer advice on all matters relating to Breast Enhancement. Please take time to visit his website to explore different options available to you.

Best Breasts


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